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675 Ling Road
Greece, NY 14612

“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” Psalm 127:1

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Birthday Parties
Ages 4 to 12

Throw the party your friends will never forget!

Friday open gyms 6:30-8:00 PM

Members & non-members, ages 5 to adult are welcome!

Class Schedules

ONE-TWO PEAS (ages 1-3) Co-ed with parent

  • Monday 5:15-6:00P; 6:15-7:00P
  • Tuesday  6:15-7:00P
  • Wednesday 5:15-6:00P
  • Thursday 4:15-5:00P; 5:15-6:00P; 6:15-7:00P
  • Friday 6:15 – 7:00P
  • Saturday 9:15-10:00A; 10:15-11:00A

THREE-FOUR PEAS (ages 3-4) Co-ed without parent

  • Monday 4:15-5:15P; 5:15-6:15P; 6:15-7:15P
  • Tuesday 4:15-5:15P; 5:15-6:00P; 6:15-7:15P
  • Wednesday 4:15-5:15P; 5:15-6:00P; 6:15-7:15P
  • Thursday 4:15-5:15P; 5:15-6:00P; 6:15-7:15P
  • Friday 4:15-5:15P; 5:15-6:15P; 6:15-7:15P
  • Saturday 9:15-10:15A; 10:15-11:15A; 11:15A-12:15P

GIRLS YOUTH (5 years old)

  • Monday 4:00-5:00P; 5:00-6:00P; 6:00-7:00P
  • Tuesday 4:30-5:30P; 5:30-6:30P; 6:30-7:30P
  • Wednesday 5:00-6:00P; 6:00-7:00P
  • Thursday 4:30-5:30P; 5:30-6:30P; 6:30-7:30P
  • Friday 4:00-5:00P; 5:00-6:00P
  • Saturday 9:00-10:00A; 10:00-11:00A; 11:00A-12:00P


  • Monday 4:00-5:00P; 5:00-6:00P; 6:00-7:00P
  • Tuesday 4:30-5:30P; 5:30-6:30P; 6:30-7:30P
  • Wednesday 4:00-5:00P; 5:00-6:00P; 6:00-7:00P; 7:00-8:00P
  • Thursday 4:30-5:30P; 5:30-6:30P; 6:30-7:30P
  • Friday 5:00-6:00P; 6:00-7:00P
  • Saturday 9:00-10:00A; 10:00-11:00A; 11:00A-12:00P; 12:00-1:00P


  • Monday 4:30-6:30P; 6:30-8:30P
  • Tuesday 4:30-6:30P; 6:30-8:30P
  • Wednesday 6:30-8:30P
  • Thursday 4:30-6:30P; 6:30-8:30P
  • Saturday 9:00-11:00A; 11:00A-1:00P


BOYS YOUTH (ages 4-5)

  • Tuesday 5:30-6:30P
  • Thursday 5:30-6:30P
  • Saturday 9:00-10:00A


  • Monday 5:30-6:30P
  • Tuesday 4:30-5:30P
  • Wednesday 5:30-6:30P
  • Thursday 4:30-5:30P
  • Saturday 10:00-11:00A


  • Tuesday 6:30-8:30P
  • Saturday 10:00-12:00P

TUMBLING LEVEL 1 (ages 5+) 

  • Monday 6:30-7:30P
  • Wednesday 6:30-7:30P
  • Thursday 6:30-7:30P; 7:30-8:30P
  • Friday 5:30-6:30P

TUMBLING LEVEL 2 (ages 6+) 

  • Monday 7:30 -8:30P 
  • Wednesday 7:30-8:30P  


Homeschool Gymnastics

  • Tuesday 12:30-1:30P


OPEN GYM (ages 5 to adult)

  • Friday 6:30-8:00P



At The Victors Gymnastics, we know that in order to be our best we must connect not just with those around us, but with ourselves. Educating the mind, body, and spirit and being able to identify your strengths and weaknesses will lead you down a path of continued success when nurtured and challenged by yourself and others.


With the right knowledge, we can stimulate creativity and motivate one another to push our limits. At The Victors Gymnastics, we inspire others and ourselves to be the best that we can through an active, healthy, and fun learning environment.


Success is what we strive for at The Victors Gymnastics, and that exists beyond just gold medals. A Victor is a leader, a Victor is wise, and a Victor never gives up. Through constant support of all our athletes and staff, the sky is truly the limit. Come see how your Victory will emerge and grow with the best to be your best!


Download the SpotTV members-only app to watch your kids while in class at The Victors Gym from anywhere using your computer or mobile device! 

Download the iClassPro app to manage class registrations, enrollments, schedule a birthday party, sign-up for open gyms, get information updates, and more!

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Available Programs

Birthday Parties (Age 5-12)

Throw the party your friends will never forget!
Inflatables Obstacle Course! Gigantic Foam Pit! Trampolines, Games, and SO MUCH MORE! Our 17,250+ sq foot facility will be set up just for YOU!

Open Gym (Kids – Adults)

Friday nights never were better! Enjoy an hour and a half of flipping, swinging, bouncing, gymnastics exercise, and play. And hey, you might even make a couple of new friends!

Summer “Funastics” Camp

Engage with new friends as you explore various aspects of what gymnastics has to offer. Activities promoting physical wellness and fun learning are bound to make you want to come back for more!

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