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COVID-19 Updated Guidelines



General Guidelines

All staff, students, parents, and others who have symptoms related to COVID-19, the flu, a cold or virus infection, are asked to please stay home until they are showing no further symptoms. All Staff members agree to adhere to a 24-hour wellness standard. Should they feel fatigued, or obtain a fever, within 24 hours of a work shift, they are required to stay home from work. The Program Directors are to be notified immediately.

Entering the Building

Outside our gym facility, appropriate spacing will be clearly designated in our parking lot to facilitate entering the building.

Class Call

Families are limited to one parent per child. No more than 10 parents will be allowed in the lobby at one time. Once the student is in class, the parent is asked to leave the building. Class observation will be limited to the use of Spot TV only at this time.

Mandatory Hand Sanitizing

Each student will be prompted to use hand sanitizer prior to class.  Students and coaches will also be instructed to wash their hands multiple times during their class rotation.

Staff Work Policies

The staff will be required to wash hands before and after every class. Gloves and masks are suggested, but not required. During lessons, minimal SPOTTING may be administered for the safety of the student. Coaches will primarily instruct students by verbal commands. To ensure safety, no student will be asked to perform a skill that they are not fully prepared to perform.

Equipment Cleaning Standards

Coaches are required to sanitize all contact surfaces before and after each class. Cleaning supplies will be available at each equipment station to ensure cleaning and sanitization is accomplished. All cleaning and products used will be according the recommended CDC standards.


The Program Directors are responsible for scheduling classes to accommodate the student-to-facility ratio. Classes shall be time-spaced appropriately to ensure families can enter and leave our facility with minimal or no overlap.

Facility Ratio

Club owners are to uphold the student to square-footage ratio at all times. Clubs shall allow no more than 6 students per 1,000 square feet. For example, in a gym the size of Victors, approximately 80 to 100 people are allowed. These numbers could change to comply with government health standards.

Group Spacing

While attending class, students are required to safely adhere to social distancing recommendations. Tape or Velcro floor markers will be provided for established distancing. Teacher-to-Student ratio will be limited to 6 students per class. Community chalk bowls will not be permitted. Only those gymnasts who are approved by a Program Director will be provided an individual chalk supply for their personal use.

Lobby Policy

The office staff will sanitize all entry surfaces before and after each class. No chairs will be available during our initial reopening. Limited sealed food and drink items will only be sold at this time.

Exiting the Building

Staff members will line students up at the exit of the building, using the floor markers for space-distancing. Hand sanitizer will be distributed upon their departure and students will exit the building one at a time. The exit will not be the same as the entrance to avoid congestion in the foyer; however, students will be returned to the parking lot area.


As a parent or legal guardian of a Victors Gymnastics student, I am aware that my actions may impact the safety of others in The Victors Gymnastics facility. The Victors’ staff and ownership are counting on me, other parents, and all students to help keep us safe by meeting the physical-distancing and personal hygiene standards recommended by the CDC and the State of New York.

While parents are always able to watch their student during class, it is necessary to limit in-person viewing to conform to the 6-foot distancing standards. To compensate, Victors provides online viewing of your child’s group in the gym through our Spot TV app, at no additional cost to you or any of your family members. Because of the restrictions placed on The Victors Gymnastics, Inc. by the New York State Department of Health and our commitment to safety, parents must agree to the following policies:

  • Do not send your sick child or yourself into the gym if you are not feeling well, please stay at home. We offer unlimited make-up classes.
  • Students and parents must wash their hands thoroughly before entering the gym facility. A staff member will help a student and parent into the club, one at a time. Families are limited to one parent per student. All adults entering Victors Gymnastics must wear a facemask. The children are welcome to wear one as well, even in class, if so desired, however, this is not required.
  • The lobby will have clearly marked physical-distancing position indicators. The lobby will not include any spectator seating. We ask that you please use the lobby and entrance areas to drop off your child only. The lobby will be limited to the number of people allowed in accordance to government health standards.
  • Each student will be prompted to use hand sanitizer prior to class. At this time, the office staff will administer temperature monitoring with a no-contact infrared thermometer. Students and coaches will also be instructed to wash their hands multiple times during their class rotation. Hand sanitizer will also be provided throughout the gym and waiting areas.
  • Once you have dropped your child off and completed any necessary business transactions, we kindly ask you to exit the building. Class observation will be limited to the use of Spot TV only during our initial reopening phase. You may leave and return for pick up, or wait outside to view the class in your car.
  • Parents are asked to pick-up their child in the parking lot, in front of the gym. A staff member will walk your child out to a designated area to meet you when class has ended. In inclement weather, you may be required to come inside the building to pick-up your child.
  • We suggest that students always wash both their hands and feet thoroughly after returning home.


I will do my part to make the Victors Gymnastics safe by being respectful of the gym’s social-distancing policies, insisting that my child wash their hands before entering the gym and when arriving at home, and by supporting the teachers, coaches, and customer service staff as they work hard to provide a safe place for my child to Connect, Inspire, and Grow.

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