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Advanced Development Practice Schedules

The Advanced Development Program (ADP) is designed for young athletes who have demonstrated high potential and interest in becoming a competitive gymnast.  Student participation in Victors’ Advanced Development Program is by invitation only.
Team  Monday  Tuesday Wednesday   Thursday  Friday Saturday

Twinkling Stars

Ages 3-4



Rising Stars

Ages 5-6


  4:30–6:00P     9:30–11:00A

Women's JO Pre-Team

Ages 6 & older

  6:30–8:30P   6:30-8:30P  4:30-6:30P  

Select Team

Ages 6 & older


TOPs Team

Ages 6-11

  7:00-8:30P    7:30-8:30P     


  Ages 11+


7:00-8:30P    7:30-8:30P 2:45-4:00P  

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