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2017 Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament - July 23

Advanced Development Practice Schedules

The Advanced Development Program (ADP) is designed for young athletes who have demonstrated high potential. Student participation in Victors’ Advanced Development Program is by invitation only.
Team  Monday  Tuesday Wednesday   Thursday  Friday Saturday

Twinkling Stars

Ages 3-4



4:30–6:00P     9:30–11:00A 

Rising Stars

Ages 5-6


4:30–6:00P    4:30–6:00P   9:30–11:00A

Girls JO Pre-Team

Ages 6 & older

  6:00–8:00P   6:00-8:00P  4:30-6:30P  

Select Team 1 & 2

Ages 6 & older


TOPs Team 1

Ages 6-11

      7:30-8:30P  3:00–4:00P   

TOPs Team 2

  Ages 6-11



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