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About Our Tumbling & Trampoline Program


Tumbling Classes


Classes are open to students ages 5 or older, and are categorized by fundamental and advanced tumbling skill types. Each class includes an appropriate warm-up followed by instruction in tumbling, flexibility and conditioning skills. Tumble Tramp, mini-tramp, a variety of skill cushions and mats are used as training aids. All instruction is progressive for safety.


Students are evaluated each 8-week session and a skill evaluation progress report is provided to monitor the student’s progress.  The program and skills for intermediate and advanced students are tailored to meet the student's individual needs.


Boys Ninja Tumbling and Trampoline Classes

Victors' Ninja Tumbling and Trampoline Fundamentals are an enhancement to our tumbling program through the use of trampolines, mini-tramps and tumble tramp, while also teaching students basic trampline skills and safety. 


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