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Non-Competitive Gymnastics

Gymnastics classes are designed for girls and boys, beginner through advanced level students, ages 5 or older. Students participate in a structured warm-up period at the start of each class to build strength, flexibility and a solid foundation. Weekly event rotations give students the chance to practice and learn skills on each event in a regular, systematic fashion. All instruction is progressive for safety. 

Our program and curriculum is divided into skill levels. Within each skill level students will move through a progression. Each progression is defined by a number of skills which are further categorized by apparatus or events, as well as flexibility and conditioning subgroups. Students are evaluated each 8-week session and a skill evaluation progress report is provided to monitor the student’s progress.


Girls Gymnastics classes include instruction on vaulting, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise.  Boys Gymnastics classes include instruction on pommel horse, still rings, vaulting, parallel bars, and horizontal bar.

Competitive Gymnastics

The Victors Gymnastics also offers a highly competitive gymnastic program.  For further details and information about The Victors competitive gymnastic program see Team Victors.



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